Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Somaya Reece

(that's a link, son)

Nothing more needs to be said. Somaya Reece is a beautiful woman, a nice person, and takes great photos (on both sides of the camera!) Also, her standalone website is being reorganized, so the link leads to her MySpace portfolio.

Check out the Somaya Reece music page also:


  1. Who the heck is Somaya Reece? She must have the best online marketing experts working for her because she is all over on MySpace (twice with her music profile), YouTube and Yahoo! Groups as well!! Anyway she's smokin hot and somehow seems down to earth. Heck she wrote back to my reply to one of her bulletins on MySpace. Please let me know where I can download more photos of her.

  2. I know, Somaya's all over the place. She was even the inspiration for a comic-book character sketch posted at; when I find the URL, I'll post it.

    Somaya's no longer connected to the YGroup, though; someone she made a moderator turned around and locker her out of the group...

    Did you happen to see the season premiere of Entourage? Somaya had a cameo in that, and it's supposed to become a recurring role. She was also in an episode of Girlfriends last season.

    As far as I know, since she shut down her site, the only place to get pix is from her MySpace pages. Though you could try a Google Images search for "Somaya Reece".

    Here's a few places to try:

    This guy jokes about the people who leave tired comments on Somaya's MySpace page:

    Somaya Reece at Modelography

    Somaya Reece at Bonita Magazine's Gallery

    Somaya Reece at King Magazine's message board

    Somaya Reece's Hip Hop Honeys gallery

    Somaya Reece's ModFXModels gallery